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Mike Froncek's voice
is heard by millions of
We Energies' customers in Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Technology applications include IVR prompts, emergency outage response systems and a full voice catalog of zip code accessible payment locations.

Mike Froncek Custom IVR & Phone Messaging for America's Power Utilities - Mike Froncek is one of America's clearest, most easily-understood IVR voices. Mike's voice is perfectly suited in tonal range and inflection for IVR systems and phone messaging.



Interacting with your valued customers is one of the most important things you do. You can trust Mike Froncek to speak with your customers just as you would: clearly, politely and firmly - when needed.

Mike is a consistently reliable business partner who pays attention to detail and is responsive to your needs and deadlines. Whether your IVR and phone messaging requirements are occasional or on-going, you can count on Mike Froncek to deliver.

You can listen in...
Do you require prompts with unusual city or street names? Mike's digital studio is set-up to allow you to listen in during sessions and monitor recordings track-by-track.

In addition to IVR and phone messaging, Mike excels at employee training, corporate communication, radio & TV commercials, interactive DVDs, online learning, in-flight audio and e-books. Learn more about these here.


Tech Specs...

File formats
Depending on the specifications of your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, we will deliver 8 or 16 bit sound files at sampling rates of from 6,000 to 96,000 kHz. File formats vary but most are .vox, .voc, A/MuLaw, .wav or mp3. We match the exact needs you specify.

Enjoy the convenience of having Mike's voice available instantly via email attachments; download from the website or upload to your FTP server.
Have an extra day? Files can be burned to CD and express shipped overnight.

Service Plans
Custom IVR and phone messaging are available on an as-needed basis and are priced by the page.

Long-term agreements with a monthly service fee guarantee Mike's availability round-the-clock, 365-days per year. Ask about the benefits of each when you call Mike 414-852-2711 or contact Mike by email:

Of course, there are no studio fees associated with any of the plans - you only pay for Mike's voice.